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Hanyu Energy is making a new leap forward based on changes and innovation.

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The company is selling industrial lubricant boasting of excellent performance for the purpose of improving efficiency of industrial machinery and metal processing oil for prevention of abrasion of devices and creation of optimized work environment in addition to auto lubricant for enhancement of auto functions.  The company provides full services ranging from fueling in other areas and arrangement services to after-the-fact treatment. MORE


The company will make continuous efforts to improve services and expand new networks while taking the initiative in the domestic filling station & gas station market.
We acquired the SK Energy’s general oil agent qualification in June 2005 and have been showing a rapid growth each year. We sell unleaded oil, diesel, kerosene and heavy oil in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and nationwide.
The company will lead the domestic oil/gas market by continuously striving to improve services and expand network. MORE


Asphalt is a raw material for road pavement of SOC and becomes a key material of domestic industrial development.
Daeyu Energy is a sales company of SK Energy’s asphalt and supplies top quality general asphalt and modified asphalt to ascon companies across the nation through 16 branch office networks.
The Asphalt Marketing Division leads the domestic asphalt market with the largest sales network in Korea, excellent quality and differentiated services.
The company is leading the domestic asphalt market with the Korea’s largest sales network, outstanding quality and differentiated services. MORE


Heritage, which refers to cultural heritage that is passed down through generations, becomes more valuable over time and aims to be a brand with cultural keywords. Rather than aiming for special and ostentatious luxury, Heritage completes its own premier with comfort, safety, and practicality that meet the diverse needs of customers and satisfies down to the smallest details with inner values and faithfulness to the basics. The company is leading the domestic asphalt market with the Korea’s largest sales network, outstanding quality and differentiated services. MORE


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A company that puts human beings before anything else all the time Hanyu Energy pushes for healthy coexistence of human beings and environment.


We are taking the initiative in distributing the latest domestic and foreign technological information while realizing better technologies and products for customers.



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Ethical management that becomes a basis for sustainable growth well demonstrates value, mission and belief of Hanyu Energy.

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Date of posting: April 28, 2016